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A Guide to Bridal Shower

by Cindee Yeo,
A Love Affair Wedding Concepts

There’s the traditional Stag Nite for men when they wave goodbye to their bachelorhood. A night filled with drunkenness, disorderly behavior & who-knows-what-else. The hush-hush that surrounds the Bachelor Party has loomed for decades. Well, women can have their own brand of fun too. From a somber potluck shower to a wilder evening ala policeman-birthday-gift-for-Ally-McBeal, let your imagination run wild and have the mother of all bridal showers!

    The Bridal Shower, or the Hen Party as it is so often referred to these days, appears to have first been given to a Dutch bride who married her lover, despite her father’s refusal to give her a dowry for she had intended to marry a poor man. Her friends got together and "showered" the lovebirds with gifts for their household, an attempt to help them start their new lives together. The power of love prevails and the practice of giving the bride gifts before her wedding has evolved into a wedding tradition

It is the role of the Bridesmaids and/or Maid-of-Honor to organize the party. A good Wedding Consultant can also help in the preparation. Consult with the Bride who she would like to attend the party and make the necessary arrangements. When choosing a theme for the Shower, select one that reflects the personality & interests of the Bride. It is after all her party! It’s always nice to have the shower in someone’s house or check into a nice suite at any of the hotels.

Some Bridal Shower Ideas:

Lingerie Shower

Everybody brings and wears an article of clothing that is associated with sleep ware. e.g. pajamas, nightgowns, slips, teddies. Put your sense of humor to work if you wish to! For whatever you are bringing, give one to the Bride too as a gift.

Romantic Shower

Present the Bride with items that will inspire romance in her married life. The Groom would approve of scented candles, candle holders, satin bed sheets, champagne, bath bubbles, aromatherapy products, his-and-hers massage vouchers at the spa.

Sweet Memories Shower

All guests take their turn to tell a story of how they met the Bride, their special moments together, the disappointments they may have shared. All these to be recorded and put together with photographs in a scrapbook for the Bride to cherish for the rest of her life.

The Practical Household Shower

As the title suggests....be practical and bring gifts that will stock up the Couple’s new home. Some examples may be VCR’s, picture frames, coffee makers, clocks. Everyone can also chip in and buy the Couple a fridge. Make sure a list is made prior to this to eliminate duplicated gifts.

Music Shower

Let music be the theme of the bridal shower. Everyone brings a few CD’s and play their favorite songs for the Bride. Make sure there is a CD Player and get a list beforehand of the tunes that will be played.

Wine Shower

Have all your guests bring a bottle of wine each and find out that nothing makes you bolder as you play "Truth or Dare". Go ahead, whine (pun intended) about the other sex while you are at it. That’s the whole fun of a bridal shower.

The above are just some suggestions. Come up with your own shower theme and you will find that an evening with the girls is the best way to celebrate a good friend’s upcoming marriage.

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