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The Art of Wedding Favours
By Cindee Yeo
A Love Affair Wedding Concepts
Member, Association of Bridal Consultants
(ęCopyright, 1998. A Love Affair Wedding Concepts.)

The Origin

Wedding favours have been around for as long as couples have been getting married. This age old tradition appears to have originated as a means for the wedding couple to express their appreciation to guests for being part of their wedding. An economical method, no doubt.

This concept has evolved to today’s way of couples letting their guests take home part of the magic of their wedding day. In different shapes, colours & sizes, wedding favours have become the means by which couples say a big "Thank You" to their guests, and also are an extension of the couple’s personalities as favours, very often, reflect the theme of the wedding.

Do-It-Myself or Get the Professionals?

Confronted by a guest list of 200, the task of preparing the favours may seem daunting. As a result, shops specialising in wedding favours have sprouted in the last few years. These establishments are dedicated to the ordering, wrapping & personalising of favours. Reputable shops also provide the delivery of these favours to the reception location. It does make sense to order your wedding favours from these specialty shops as they are in tune with the industry and can help match the favour to your budget. These shops also have a wide range of products for you to choose from. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself saving time & money. How favourable!

How do I choose?

There are so many different types of favours in the market. And on top of that, you may wish to make modifications to the existing range, so as to ensure your guests receive something they have never received before. My advice would be to take 2 major issues into consideration. Firstly, you may wish to think about your budget. Typically, a wedding couple will not want to spend too much money on this aspect of their wedding. Also, the number of guests you are having will also play a major role in helping you decide how much to spend. Secondly, you’ll have to think about your wedding theme. The colours you are using in your decoration can be extended to your favour colour. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you may wish to use seashells as your favour. These can be wrapped up and personalised with a ribbon or a short note.

The following is a list of practical favours that make very nice keepsakes for your wedding guests. I have also separated them into perishable & non-perishable. The favours can be wrapped in the tulle colour of your choice, placed in boxes, accompanied by ribbons & a short note, or even engraved.


* Chocolates
* Cake
* Mints
* Almonds
* Fresh flowers


* a pair of bells
* soap bubbles
* personalised notebooks
* personalised drink stirrers
* soaps
* aromatherapy products
* potpourri sachets
* candles
* souvenir programmes with couple’s photo
* engraved pens
* engraved wedding coins
* bookmarks

Whatever your choice, the idea of giving out favours is a good one, and is one you should enjoy. What a wonderful way to let your guests know you appreciate their presence at your wedding.

All photos provided are the property of A Love Affair Wedding Concepts. All items shown are available for sale at their store. Prices start from $1.20 each.

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